Losing Is Expensive

There are 1.3 Million lawyers in America.
Quite frankly, most of them aren’t that great.
Only 1/3rd actually go to court.

In a major city, 10,000 lawyers might have gone to court in the last 3 years.

Half of them usually lose.

Lawyers By Win Rate - Winners - Losers

They can’t all be great, can they?

Law’s Dirty Secret

30.7% of the average case outcome is the relationship between the lawyer and the Judge.

It may not be fair, but it’s fact.
And that’s the average, sometimes, it’s much, much more.

About 3,000 lawyers will have appeared before your Judge in the last 3 years.

Lawyers By Win Rate - Performance

2-400 will be for your case type.
A few dozen will have appeared several times.
About 5 will have a win rate above 75%.

We know who they are.

Lawyers By Win Rate - Case Type

You have a 5 in 10,000 chance of finding them yourself.

How Insiders Choose Lawyers

Law is like any other profession.
If you’re not inside, you are outside.

Do you think insiders choose lawyers based on firm name?
Off a bill board?
From a TV ad that says they were a former this, or former that?
Because they wrote “Trial Lawyer” on their business card?
If they have fancy offices downtown?
Because they’re a “Partner” and they cost $800 an hour?

Insiders know that’s all nonsense.
Deep down you know it too.

Insiders Choose Lawyers By Their Win Rate

It varies hugely from Judge to Judge.
Judges are human, just like you and me.
They have people they like, people they try to help.
They have people they don’t like.
Lawyers they’ve heard bad things about.
Lawyers that have lied to them before.
What do you think happens to those lawyer’s clients?

Insiders know they need to find someone who nearly always wins their case type before their Judge.
Because those lawyers are likely to win again.
They won before for a reason.
The Judge likes them and finds them persuasive.
Doesn’t cross their arms when the lawyer gets up to speak.
Winners win, it’s as simple as that.
If you know the numbers of the best performers, you can get an edge.

Ask a lawyer what their win rate is.
They’ll either stare blankly at you
Or they’ll tell you it’s 100% (they’re usually lying).
Ask then what their win rate is for your case type and Judge.
Ask them to prove it to you.
They should know.
You should know.

Insiders use legal analytics systems to run the stats for their Judge.
A few companies sell them.
They’re expensive and usually don’t sell to consumers like you and me.
LawyersByWinRate.com didn’t think that was fair.
We went to Premonition.ai, the market leader, and licensed their system for the consumer market.
So you can get the same edge that insiders have.

The Premontion system is bigger than all their competitors combined.
It’s the World’s largest litigation database.

They say it’s “A very, very unfair advantage in litigation.”

So LawyersByWinRate.com can find you an insider and get you an edge to win your case.

Do Good Lawyers Cost More?

The legal market, is really, really broken.
Some of those $800 an hour lawyers in the fancy offices downtown.
If you knew what their win rate actually was

You wouldn’t let them walk your dog…

The truth is that there are some excellent lawyers available at great prices.
They might not have gone to the “right” schools.
They might not have expensive offices.
But they’re good and the Judge likes them.
That’s what you want, right?
Or we can find you a good one that’s expensive, it’s your choice…

Are You Guaranteed To Win?

No, of course not.
Anyone that tells you that is lying to you.
You are guaranteed to get the best available lawyer based on proven performance.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Edge?

It’s free.
Yes, free.
We’ll give you a free referral to the best available lawyer for your case type and Judge.
How can we afford to do that?

Ever had a lawyer say they’ll refer your case and act like they’re doing you a big favor?
They’re not, the other lawyer pays them a referral fee.
It’s baked into every legal fee.
Except, you’re not getting a referral to their friend from the golf club.
You’re getting an insider.
And you’ll get the numbers to show why they’re the best.
If you’ve got to get a lawyer, why not get a good one?

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We’ll get you the best lawyer available.
And we’ll prove it.

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